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QR Codes for learning

What is a QR code and how can we use it in teaching and learning?

A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobiles phones with camera, and smartphones.

What are the implications for teaching and learning

Students can scan QR codes to locate, interpret, review and evaluate content. They can create QR codes and use them to link to their own or others online videos, blogs, poetry, art etc.  

QR codes are being used in schools to test knowledge on topics, group weblinks on a topic together, point students to suitable content, easy access to information, extending visual information.  See QR codes bring Art and Poetry to life

See how Parramatta Marist Br Ludovic Learning Centre is using QR codes

Reading QR codes


You need a mobile phone with a camera and a suitable QR scanning app. 

Creating QR codes

You can create QR codes using free website QR code generators or via Apps. Try the Kaywa website or the Qrafter Pro App.


QR codes ideas for learning

Download the QR Codes-Understanding & Creating Guide.

For more information see the following posts on QR codes in learning.

and the slideshare  below "Qrious learning".


QR code resources for Schools

Download an example qr-code-learning-quest.pdf QR code learning quest that we used to inform, orient and engage use of the library resources .

Download pre-made QR code displays that you can use in your CEO Parramatta school linking to a range of ebooks for the professional learning of teachers via:
Virtual Library Display using QR codes




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