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St Monica's Primary, North Parramatta

Quality Catholic Schooling - Our learning story

St Monica's Primary School has served the parish community of St Monica's, North Parramatta since its establishment by the Sisters of Mercy in 1892. The Mercy tradition of compassion, justice and love of learning underpins St Monica’s mission as a quality Catholic school.

Around 200 students attend St Monica's which is structured in stage groups, rather than year groups, to more effectively provide for the different learning needs and learning styles of each child.

The completely rebuilt school was unveiled at the beginning of 2010. Designed for learning rather than schooling, traditional 30-student classrooms have been replaced with connected, contemporary learning spaces for each stage group within one new learning centre. New administration and after school care facilities are located underneath the learning centre on the ground floor.

A library, kitchen, practical wet areas and the latest learning technology have been integrated into the new, flexible, open plan spaces.

Parents are active, valued members of the school learning community and are encouraged to support student learning in the learning space. Mrs Sampson, a current school parent at St Monica's said, 'We are welcome anytime to help out in class, and it is fantastic that parents can be so involved in the learning and teaching at St Monica's.'

Principal Michael Hopley believes the contemporary design greatly assists in enhancing the learning and teaching at St Monica's. 'The school has been transformed into a world class learning environment that is welcoming and exciting for the whole school community' he said.

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