Learning Exchange offers training for teachers and staff to help you stay ahead of technology, and for schools to integrate technology into learning. We offer face-to-face, school-based or online training via a variety of platforms, as well as tailored workshops to suit your needs. What can we help you do?

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Apple PD Support

Apple PD Support

The Learning Exchange offer a range of professional development initiatives focusing on the use of Apple technologies to enhance learning and teaching. From an introduction to Macs, iPads and key Apple software including iMovie, Garage Band, Keynote, iBooks Author, to more advanced features, why not also do a workshop on highly effective apps for the classroom environment? These professional development and classroom support resources are free to schools!

Please contact Learning Exchange to find out more.




Google Apps

Google Apps are a set of free web applications provided by Google which include Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Sites. The main advantage of Google Apps is that your documents are always available online, ready to be viewed, edited and shared. Effectively, they offer an online alternative to traditional office suites that don't require any additional software on your computer. Learning Exchange offers one-day workshops to introduce Google Apps for Education.

  • Google Bites Workshop – Gmail & Google Calendars
  • Google Basics Workshop - Primary
  • Google Basics Workshop - Primary
  • Google Intermediate Workshop - Primary
  • Google Bites Workshop - Blogger

Learn about our Google App workshops and register today via the Professional Learning portal. Please contact Learning Exchange to find out more.

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing can be used to prototype, create replacement parts, and is even versatile enough to print prostheses and medical implants. It is increasingly having an impact on our world, as more and more people gain access to these amazing machines. On request, the Learning Exchange can offer an introduction to the wide range of technologies in 3D printers, a comparison of the most common 3D printers on the market, an overview of materials that can be used to print, and an introduction to designing and printing your first model within an educational context.

Learn about our 3D Printing workshops and request a session today.



Explore everything you can do on your iPad and discover new ways apps can be used to enhance student learning in the classroom. Learn about Evernote, create an iBook, make use of accessibility functions for special needs students, and more.

Learn more about our iPad courses and for further information contact the Learning Exchange


Songwriting (for students)



This songwriting course is a 2 day course at The Learning Exchange (negotiable to be at your school) open to students of varying musical experience and ability. The course examines the fundamentals of music songwriting and acts as a springboard into creative ideas and mindsets.


This songwriting course is a 3 hour course at your school that deals with deconstructing music to show exactly what is in a song and what a song actually is. A perfect introduction to the world of music for a primary student.

Click here to learn more about the songwriting course or click here to contact the Learning Exchange to organise a workshop.

iTunes U


iTunesU courses can be created by teachers to allow students access to structured learning via an online course.  

Learn more about iTunesU courses by contacting the Learning Exchange.



Lynda.com is an online video resource with step-by-step video tutorials open to all CEO Staff wanting to learn more about any software or device from Google Apps (docs, sites, calendars, etc) to GarageBand and iPads and everything in between.

The licensing arrangement means that the Lynda.com service is limited to 10 people at a time.

Complete the online booking form for access.

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  • For more details about any of the projects co-ordinated by the Learning Exchange, contact us using the email form below, or phone on 9407 7145 weekdays between 8:45 am and 4:30 pm.

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